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Trek Therapeutics Partners with Ambrosus

Robert Hindes MD

A co-founder of Trek Therapeutics in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Robert Hindes, MD, began his career working as a clinical consultant in infectious diseases at Danbury Hospital and New Milford Hospital in Connecticut. In his current role, Robert Hindes, MD, helps manage the development of new medical treatments for patients with hepatitis C in countries around the world.

In its mission to develop affordable drugs to treat infectious diseases, Trek Therapeutics has partnered with Ambrosus to implement blockchain technology into its platform. The move will make all phases of the drug production process more secure and ensure that the supply chain is safe and efficient.

Through the partnership, Ambrosus will join with Trek Therapeutics in new efforts to guarantee accurate monitoring of the entire manufacturing process. Trek Therapeutics CEO Ann Kwong says she believes the blockchain technology that Ambrosus brings will be transparent and cost-effective in the long run.

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